Like any aircraft, proper training is required is required before you can safely enjoy flying one of our gyroplanes.

Learning to fly the MT will put a huge grin on your face, and you will be amazed at how quickly you become proficient at handling this fantastic aircraft.

Gyro training used to be hard work - students would typically start by flying in their Instructor's 2-seat machine before completing their training on their own single-seat machine - it was like having to learn to fly twice, only the second time you were on your own! With the MT all that has changed - not only is the MT a fantastically safe and stable training platform, but when the time comes to go solo your instructor can just step out (though it's recommended that you land first!) and send you on your way.

Training can be carried out by any CAA authorised Gyroplane Instructor, and our Instructor List has details of UK gyroplane instructors, including those who operate MT gyroplanes.

The qualification required to fly your MT gyroplane is the Private Pilots Licence (Gyroplanes), or PPL(G). The precise requirements for this vary according to your qualifications when you start, but can be summarised as:

Ab-initio (no previous licence held):

40 hours training under instruction. Of this approximately half will be flown with your instructor on board, and half flown solo. You will take a set of straightforward written exams.

Holders of fixed-wing or Microlight PPL:

Training requirements are reduced to a minimum of 25 hours. Requirements for written exams are waived, other than the Aircraft Technical examination.

Holders of Helicopter Pilots Licence:

Require a minimum of 25 hours of training, and are only required to sit the aircraft technical examination.

Please ensure you check with a qualified instructor to confirm the latest Minimums.

Medical requirements are pretty straightforward. You will need a form signed by your GP declaring that you meet the same standards that the DVLA apply to professional drivers.

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