Welcome to the RotorSport December 2015 Newsletter

2015 has been a year of change for us with the creation of RotorSport Sales & Service and RotorSport UK being acquired by AutoGyro GmbH.  

Whilst the two companies still retain very close working relationships RotorSport Sales & Service is the sole UK and Ireland distributor for the AutoGyro fleet of gyroplanes and provides servicing, parts and spares to our fleets. RotorSport UK is now looking after AutoGyro global compliance and compliance engineering, headed by Gerry Speich.

In April 2015 we made history. The latest gyroplane type, the stunning Cavalon Pro, received its Certificate of Airworthiness - becoming the world’s only modern day certified gyroplane.

This is a “game changer” in the world of commercial aviation and provides the worldwide market with an opportunity to utilise the many advantages (lower noise, lower emissions, lower fuel burn et al..) of the gyroplane in the commercial environment for the first time.

The UK CAA GA Unit and Support Team have been hugely helpful in the process and are continuing

their efforts to implement the necessary procedures to provide a UK CPL G in its own right.

A special thanks to them!

It is only right at this point in time to add our thanks to the likes of Phil Harwood, Gyrocopter Experience,

for all his and his team’s efforts in putting together an acceptable training package for the CPL G.

Other contributors to this are Kai Maurer and Steve Boxall who may well be seen flying the Cav Pro

in the very near future.

Cavalon Pro offers a low cost, low noise, green alternative to existing, available commercial platforms.

Not only is the Cav Pro an excellent platform for commercial work, as demonstrated recently with successful trials of a camera unit, but it offers the discerning PPL G both day/night VFR and the ability to travel the world without the need to negotiate passage, as with Permit type aircraft. No other gyro in the world can do this at this time.

RotorSport Cavalon Pro Gerry Hildeshiem

Cavalon Pro has not been our only focus in 2015. The year has also seen improvements introduced across the range.

On the MTOSport we saw the approval and introduction of a new water thermostat, reducing engine warmup time and improving cooling.

For the Calidus, 2015 proved the new engine cowlings introduced at the end of 2014 - providing improved engine cooling.

The Cavalon saw the approval and introduction of the 560kg MTOW, on aircraft with the ROTAX 914UL engine. This is a 60kg increase in the MTOW and gives a world beating 250kg payload.

As it is said ‘Flying is the most fun you can have sitting down!’, gyroplane flying is now possible for people with a disability. The Cavalon can be adapted for flight using hand controls. Access to the cockpit is also made easy as the control stick can be folded out of the way.

And lastly 2015 saw the introduction of the IVO Prop variable pitch propeller across the range. A couple of the benefits reported are:

‘a reduction in take-off distances of up to 25%’

‘much quieter in cruise than the standard prop’

Calidus IVOprop

But we are not standing still….. 2016 looks like it will be another exciting year.

It will see the introduction of the improved rotor blades. The changes have been engineered to enable, in our opinion, our aircraft to outperform any equivalent type by far. They were developed both in response to instructor and market comments, and the flight stability requirements for night VFR and IMC operation. The benefits being:

Reduced landing speed

Improved longitudinal stability and general flight handling.

Chiltern Park instructor, Andy Jones, has flown the improved blades on Cavalon and can give an independent view of their performance. The new generation blades will be released as standard on all new Cavalon and MTO Sport gyroplanes.

Also there is a new fire extinguisher system going to be offered as an option on all new Cavalon. It is currently approved for use on the Cavalon Pro.

Sales of new gyroplanes this year has seen four Cavalon, four Calidus and four MTO Sports going to customers and instructors.  

Confirmed orders for delivery early 2016 include four Cavalon, one Calidus and the very first production model Cavalon Pro – and yes, going to a UK customer.

The second production model Cavalon Pro will be a full commercial aircraft, tasked for cinematography. The first aerial work will be undertaken in the New Year following agreement with the CAA on an interim commercial licence. Again we would like to express our thanks to the CAA for their support with this.

It is understood that Cavalon training will be available at Rufforth and Popham early next year too, as side-by-side gyro flying in becomes ever more popular.

RotorSport is committed to helping instructors, flying our gyros, who are urged to contact RSS with any opportunities to grow the training fleet – we want to continue to be the gyro of choice for all instructors….and their students.

News from the wider world – WAG Results – Competitors flying Autogyro Gyroplanes came 1st, 2nd & 3rd.

Congratulations !

Fly Safe and enjoy the Summer!