Permit Renewal

Continued Airworthiness

Gyroplane Compliance

All permit aircraft must have their permit renewed annually.  We advise that the renewal process be started at least 6 weeks before the permit expires. See the list for advice.

Organisations which can renew the Certificate of Validity are:

1.  The CAA as before

2.  The LAA - you will need to be a member and register your aircraft with them.

3.  Arion Aviation (Carol Brightwell) at Rochester airport

Also applications to the CAA are now via an online form with an online payment facility.  Please see PR01 for advice on completing this form.

Permit renewal a pain in the backside?  Then bring your aircraft to RSUK - we will deal with the application, servicing, test flight and CAA or LAA survey.  Simply drop your aircraft off and collect a week later.  Contact us for details.

Permit Renewal

For 2017 the CAA permit renewal application fee is £258.

This includes travelling and up to 2 hours of surveyor time.  If the time runs over you will be charged the excess (approx £130/hour) so make sure that all your docs are in order and you don’t delay him with cups of tea and general chit-chat.

Flight tests

A flight test is not now mandatory as part of the renewal process.  It will be the decision of the owner/operator or the inspector whether a flight test should be conducted.

Consult CAP 1038 (link above) for guidance on when a flight test would be required.  Reasons for not conducting a flight test should be recorded in the logbook with reference to CAP1038.

Authorised test-flight pilots

Continued airworthiness

RSUK generated  service bulletins etc are on the owners’ pages.  It is the owner’s responsibility to keep up to date with  the latest issues.

However it is not RSUK’s responsibility to keep owners informed about  Mandatory Permit Directives.  These should be checked on a regular basis.

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