Built in response to the demand for an enclosed gyroplane, the Calidus addresses many of the problems which have occurred with other aircraft of this type:

 Uses tried and tested technology

 Low weight - great performance

 Tandem seating for low drag

 Aerodynamic profile gives clean airflow to the prop

 Spacious interior for comfort

 High payload allows serious cross-country flight


  Enclosed tandem two-seat design

 Monocoque cell, canopy fitted with emergency vision panel

 Mast and tail boom electropolished, carbon tail and fairings

 100hp Rotax 912ULS engine or 115hp Rotax 914UL

 Superb quality factory build and finish

 High performance aluminium rotor system  8.4m  diameter

 70-litre fuel capacity

 Pneumatically adjustable in-flight trim

 Pneumatic pre rotator, taking the rotors up to 90% of flight speed

 Pneumatic rotor brake

 Optional radio, transponder and GPS units

 Underseat storage lockers

 Adjustable pilot seat

 Optional variable pitch, and/or constant speed Woodcomp propeller

 Disk brakes on the main wheels with lockable parking brake

 Useful load of up to 220kg

Quiet - meets strict German noise regulations

 Good looks (and great colours!)

The enclosed canopy features a safety  DV (direct-vision) panel with air scoop.

A semi-enclosed version with side cut-outs is also available

To see Calidus flying:  sales@rotorsport.org

For full specification and price list email sales@rotorsport.org.  Tel: 01384 221775

Rotorsport Sales & Service Ltd,

Hangar 40, Ruth Silk Way, Wolverhampton Business Airport, Bobbington, DY7 5DY

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